Friday, September 2, 2011

Update on Gallery Photos

Hi again...
I know I haven't posted any new photography posts lately.
To be totally honest I haven't had much chance to go 'hunting' for the beauty around me as much being busy with school work. But I hope to post more things in the coming days :).

So this post is mainly an update to some of the photos I put up, on the Gallery with some Scripture verses accompanying them. I'd appreciate if you have a peek sometime :).
Click here to view the photos.


Carra - a bondservant of Jesus said...

Very lovely gallery, Joy. :)
The Lord fill you and be with you.
Yours, Carra

ShazInOzCardsCalligraphy said...

Hi Joy this is lovely and thanks for the invitation. I have two blogger address, I just have to remember which ones I have used for which blog, when I sign in!! think yours are Google account - as able to go in them now, and Sarah's are my hotmail, long story as to why I ended up with this, suffice it to day Blogger was giving me some grief early in the piece.
I adore your photography on this blog of our Lord's glorious creation, love in Him, Shaz.xx

Joy said...

Thank you, Carra!
God bless.

Joy said...

Hi Shaz!
I am glad you enjoyed my blog :). It is lovely to have you on blogger :). Hmm... that is quite confusing to have different log ins for blogging! Blogger does give a bit of grief at times... Thank you for your encouragement, I am afraid I haven't had much of a chance to capture any more photography pictures lately. I have been so busy with school work, and I mostly have captured all there is to take from the garden presently. I am looking forward in the Lord's time to be able to go out a bit to take some shots outside our home :)!!!!
In His love,

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