The Photographer

Hello, everybody! My name is Joy.
I’m a Christian young lady living in the state of Queensland, Australia with my loving family (two wonderful parents and three lovely sisters). I love the Lord Jesus, my Saviour very much and desire to live to glorify my Beloved Lord in all I do. I am learning daily to follow my Lord Jesus as He teaches me, and guides me on “the path of life”... and long to follow the path that He has laid out for me. I am not perfect by any means. I fail and falter but He has always been faithful, and I know He will always be in the future! He has filled my life with so many blessings and joys; a wonderful family, godly friends, and most of all a life with Him! He has saved me (a wretched sinner), by His amazing Grace, and made me His own!

Welcome to my photography blog!
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